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Hey guys !
since ive got such a positive responce from my GHB x reader , ( with all the faves and whatnot)
Ive decided to do reader requests !

At first i was liek , " Gonna charge dem peeps for a point per fanfiction " but then i waz all " Nah bro , lets make it free ~! "


Fandom X Reader( Multiple endings . Fandoms include Homestuck , hetalia , ect . )
FNAF X Reader / oc's ( Five nights at freddies . Foxy , Chica , freddy , golden freddy)
Human!stuck X Reader / oc's
Homestuck character X reader ( gamzee x reader , terezi x reader ect . )
hetalia character X reader ( prussia x reader , russia x reader )
Cannon Characters x OC's ( For instance , Eridan X _ _ _ _ _ _)

Cannon Characters X MARY SUES ( Im sorry , but , if your mary sue oc has multi coloured hair , and is loved by all , and haz millions of god modding capibilities , LEAVE . NOW )
I apologise for offending anyone , but i am not willing to create your own characters back story for them . I can understand for base users ( For artist skills) , but i cannot understand it in the writing area . There is no excuse for not being able to create your own background for your own character . You dont need some special writing program , all you need is a pen and paper , or a keyboard and a computer , and let your creativity flow .


Shadamybelong's Profile Picture
Robyn ^^
United Kingdom
So uh , yeah . Just realised how noobish my old bio is sooo ..have a new one !

Im homestuck trash . completely and utterly . Which sucks for me because ive started to go colour blind , so i cant really see the hemospectrum anymore . so if i upload sketches , or use bases , i'll have to stick to black and white for now , until i can find a way to distinguish my crayons .

Welp ./

Anyway , im supposedly a nice person /lies/
but if your upset or anything , just message me ! I dont judge , so.


Ribbon Mylarke by Shadamybelong
Ribbon Mylarke
so , recently , ive been getting back into the mlp fandom :iconhandspazzplz: (jesus i had no idea on how many series i have to catch up on ) and until i can start to draw pony skeletons again , ive used a base . If you want to use this lovely base , it can be found… <--- Here . 

Name: Ribbon Mylarke 
Age : 15
Hair Colour : Black / blue / purple
Eye colour : Pink - fuschia
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationships : None 
Likes: Music , Reading , flying in the rain . Cupcakes , milkshakes
Dislikes: Rudeness , hospitals , wasted food .
Area of living : An apartment building in Canterlot .

Personality:  Ribbon tends to be a very nervous flier , so she doesnt usually fly . However , in the rain , most of the ponies are inside , so she likes to fly through and under the clouds , feeling a little less self conscious . She's polite , and if she's asked to do something , it doesnt take long for it to be done . It takes her awhile to wake up in the morning , but when she's up , she's up till about half way through the night . She adores both princesses Celestia and Luna , so she tries to keep both happy by being awake during their respective parts of the day . 
Baby Jellybean u.u by Shadamybelong
Baby Jellybean u.u
this is my baby , jellybean . ive been drawing her for a while , and so far , she's just kind of like , a character to something ive started to work on for a secret project -
but really , she's just kind of like someone i like drawing :3

Jellybean (c) :iconshadamybelong:

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She finds comfort in the sliver of metal , as she drags it across her wrists .

It seems to hurt less , than the mean words that cut her confidence to pieces.
If she could show them ,she would ,but she can't ,because she's afraid;
Afraid of what they'll call her , tease her even more .
Put on pills that make every day seem dull by the doctors
Put on pills by people that claim to understand
But they don't
No one ever understands.

She finds comfort
Wow really -

Im sorry , i really needed to vent and my babe isnt online u.u

This is just a short break from my requests , and i felt like i'd do some of my own things . Rest assured i'll be back to my requests soon , my lovlies .
You concentrated on the story you were reading on your phone . You didnt really like talking , so you hung around with people that usually talked to them selves anyway . For instance , you were extremely close with the Makaras , and they were always checking on you to make sure that you were okay , and constantly inviting you over . Most people though you were insane , being able to trust these three "loose dogs" as Rose would describe them. To be completely honest with yourself , you didnt think you was scared of anything . Gamzee was placid most of the time if he was high , Kurloz just needed time getting used to , and The Grand Highblood , who you fondly nicknamed Nashir , just needed someone who would yell back at him if he was in a rage .

" He cupped her cheeks close , analysing every bit of the heart shape face he had came to know and love , watching her eyes flicker in anticipation , and his lips upturned in a smirk , as he felt her gaze on his lips-" You couldnt take it .

"OH MY JEGUS CHRIST THATS FUCKING ADORABLE -" you squealed happily , cuddling your phone to your chest , and you started laughing . Kurloz snorted through his nose . You glared lightly at Kurloz .
" Kurloz Makara ,Did You Just SNORT At My Fangasm" You gave a not so threatening glare . you kinda looked like a mad fluffy chicken , and it was really not helping your case . He shrugged , and you huffed , turning away from him , as you saved the page . You slipped the phone into your pocket , and you were about to go find Nashir to watch him paint , but a pair of arms slipped around your waist , and a feathery light kiss worked is way on the left side of your neck .
"Kurloz , stop it . " You giggled softly. He gave a soft grunt and continued with his experiment
God . You loved your matesprit

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Hey guys ! Im not sure if any of you are reading this , but never mind !

Ive decided to start doing fanfiction requests !
Fanfiction requests include

3 POINTS =Lemons/smut
1 POINTS =X Readers
2 POINTS =Cannon characters x Fancharacters / trolls
( if this is the case , then please note me the character you wish your fancharacter to be paired with , and their bio / profile)
4 POINTS = Original Stories ( A story that revolves around a certain character or character you have created , that revolves around a world which you yourself created )
5 POINTS = Fandom X Reader ( A Fandom x reader with multiple endings ! such as Homestuck X reader , or , MLP X reader ...ect...)

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