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Hey guys !
since ive got such a positive responce from my GHB x reader , ( with all the faves and whatnot)
Ive decided to do reader requests !

At first i was liek , " Gonna charge dem peeps for a point per fanfiction " but then i waz all " Nah bro , lets make it free ~! "


Fandom X Reader( Multiple endings . Fandoms include Homestuck , hetalia , ect . )
FNAF X Reader / oc's ( Five nights at freddies . Foxy , Chica , freddy , golden freddy)
Human!stuck X Reader / oc's
Homestuck character X reader ( gamzee x reader , terezi x reader ect . )
hetalia character X reader ( prussia x reader , russia x reader )
Cannon Characters x OC's ( For instance , Eridan X _ _ _ _ _ _)

Cannon Characters X MARY SUES ( Im sorry , but , if your mary sue oc has multi coloured hair , and is loved by all , and haz millions of god modding capibilities , LEAVE . NOW )
I apologise for offending anyone , but i am not willing to create your own characters back story for them . I can understand for base users ( For artist skills) , but i cannot understand it in the writing area . There is no excuse for not being able to create your own background for your own character . You dont need some special writing program , all you need is a pen and paper , or a keyboard and a computer , and let your creativity flow .


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Robyn ^^
United Kingdom
Hi guys xx
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
What Is Your Level Of Sanity?
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my pet!

Heyyyyyyyy . hey ,. Hey . Hi . hi . Hi . Hey . MOM . MOM . MOM .MOTHER . MOTHER . Louiseeee...
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
Which Kuroshitsuji Character Would You Date?
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What ?

...HEY ! * runs away *

FFFFFFFFFFFFF- i love bleach , soul eater pokemon ,and loads of other shit .OMFGIFORGOTHETALIAAAAAAAAAAA

Pasta anyone ?


Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Yandere, Tsundere or Normal?
Yandere, Tsundere or Normal?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
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Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
Which Hetalia Guy Would You Date?
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You concentrated on the story you were reading on your phone . You didnt really like talking , so you hung around with people that usually talked to them selves anyway . For instance , you were extremely close with the Makaras , and they were always checking on you to make sure that you were okay , and constantly inviting you over . Most people though you were insane , being able to trust these three "loose dogs" as Rose would describe them. To be completely honest with yourself , you didnt think you was scared of anything . Gamzee was placid most of the time if he was high , Kurloz just needed time getting used to , and The Grand Highblood , who you fondly nicknamed Nashir , just needed someone who would yell back at him if he was in a rage .

" He cupped her cheeks close , analysing every bit of the heart shape face he had came to know and love , watching her eyes flicker in anticipation , and his lips upturned in a smirk , as he felt her gaze on his lips-" You couldnt take it .

"OH MY JEGUS CHRIST THATS FUCKING ADORABLE -" you squealed happily , cuddling your phone to your chest , and you started laughing . Kurloz snorted through his nose . You glared lightly at Kurloz .
" Kurloz Makara ,Did You Just SNORT At My Fangasm" You gave a not so threatening glare . you kinda looked like a mad fluffy chicken , and it was really not helping your case . He shrugged , and you huffed , turning away from him , as you saved the page . You slipped the phone into your pocket , and you were about to go find Nashir to watch him paint , but a pair of arms slipped around your waist , and a feathery light kiss worked is way on the left side of your neck .
"Kurloz , stop it . " You giggled softly. He gave a soft grunt and continued with his experiment
God . You loved your matesprit
your name is NIIMIE FRIKEN , and right now you are EXTREMELY PISSED .

You'd just recieved a trollian from an aquaintence named caligulasAquarium , and you are not very happy . Certain sea dwellers are being very pushy and gross . Gog forbid he send actual pictures .

caligulasAquarium [CA] began trolling colourvoidDreamer [CD] at 15:42

CA: Hey baby , havvent you fallen for me before ? I seem to remember you on your knees for me.
CD: Omfg , no . Go away , creep . Im ddoing stuff right now and i ddont want your anticsss to dissstract me>-
CA: Are you surreeeee ? I'd make it wworthwwhile
CD: Sssurer than everything ive ever known>-
CA:Hmph , fine.

caligulasAquarium [CA] stopped trolling colourvoidDreamer [CD] at 15:58

You're free ! you've escaped him ! Actually , now you feel a little sorry for him . Erifish was nice , when ..uh.... special circumstances applied to him. Lately , you've felt his rage spiralling out of control , and you feel imminant danger in the pit of your digestor reigon every time you speak to him . You tried being friends with him once , but that didnt work out to well . Last time you remembered ,  a harpoon was almost fired through your chest . Roleplay of course , but , you were sure he wouldnt waver on the chance to actually shoot one. The cause wasnt added by the fact you were a landdweller , and as such " scum " to the alternian planet.It had nothing to do with your blood colour , which was a deep indigo. He just had a crippling sence that Landdwellers
were to blame for every problem he had ever encountered in his life . From pollution of the sea , to his love life and lack of quadrants. You sighed , sweeping a clawed hand through your rough black hair . You'd no idea why you allowed your thinkpan to even linger on him . You'd never thought about him this much , so why did it mater ? Easy answer Niimie , it didnt . As far as you knew , you harboured no black feelings , no red nor pale , and definietly not ashen. You werent a coward , but you definietly didnt want to be in the middle of the seaddweller and the psionic user . Well , it sounded like they were in a black quadrant since you last herd . But it had been a while since he last talked about the yellow blood , Sollux . Or his " Future Matesprite" Feferi. You got the sence something had happened , but it didnt matter . Not to you it didnt .

You stood , and crossed over to your respite block door .You gripped the handle , and pulled the door open with a grunt . Doors were forever getting stuck in your hive , and you were forever forgetting to remind your Lusus SpotSpots , to get them repaired . She was at a trading post for the next week in the jungle though , so you'd just have to get by without actually being lazy for once. You strolled downstairs , taking your time to take in every single detail of your hive . Alternia was a very dangerous place , and you were secretly terrified that one day , you would be attacked and robbed of your eyesight . So you constantly made mindmaps of everything. The one thing you could do (with great difficulty) blind however , was puzzles . You loved openning the boxes and doing them . You had puzzle pieces everywhere from old ones you did under five minutes , and the ones  that were so difficult you spent a sweep doing.

Your food chute seemed to rumble , so you crossed over to the kitchen and grabbed some food . You sat at the table like a civilized troll , swallowing bite after bite of the unimportant food . Just as you finished it , you felt your breathing organs seize up . You choked lightly on nothing , as you struggled to walk over to the draw . You fell , and just managed to grasp onto the handle . You wrenched the draw open , grabbing the breathing apperatus , and pushed the air button .It launched chemical air down your throat , and after a few moments , you could breath again . You apologised to the drawer for treating it so roughly , and patted it . You placed your apperatus in the drawer , and shut it . You felt sleepy , so you went back upstairs . You was about to climb into your recoopercoon , before you herd the door to your hive open. Your hearing sharpened , and you felt a tingle of fear . You recognised the familiar clip clops of your lusus , and frowned at the early and unsure arrival of her . You eventually shrugged , and dived into the soper slime , feeling the tingly sensation . You yawned , and shut your eyes . Maybe tommorow would be more eventful.
[S]==Enter Name here
So its my fancharatcer niimie friken .

(c) Niimie friken = Me
(c) Eridan Ampora = Andrew hussie.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
He stood on one side of the sofa , you on the other .
" Give me the remote , Nashir . " you breathed , looking fully ridiculous in an oversized black and purple tshirt , and a pair of the taller males boxers . He growled , baring his teeth , holding the remote close to his chest .
" You fucking child , let me watch my fucking show for once . "
" you watched it yes-....Did you just call me a child ?" you snapped , your (e/c) hues narrowing into slits , grip tightening on the back of the sofa to the point that your knuckles turned white . He faltered .
"motherfuck ....w...well ....You are acting a bit fucking childish ."
your usually calm face contorted in fury .  you growled , ripping his shirt off and over his head , and went to go find your own shirt , that lay on his bedroom floor . you yanked on your skinny jeans and some socks . He followed you as you walked toward the door.
" Aw come on (f/n) where the fuck are you going !? Its just a fucking remote ! "
you whirled around , and he flinched .
" Im going out . Oh wait , i forgot . im a child , i have to ask your permission first ! " you snarled , storming out the appartment , slamming the door shut after you .

He contemplating going after you , but he left it . He sat ont he sofa , in a silent fury , before chucking the remote at the wall , and the back came off ." Fuckfuckfuck stupid motherfuckin idiot you asshat . " He spat at himself , running his large hand through his hair . Suddenly , a jolt of lightning flashed through the sky , and it started raining . " AW FOR FUCK SAKE ! " He roared , grabbing his coat , and grabbing yours , which you'd undoubtedly left behind , tearing after you in the pouring rain .

" STUPID . " You yelled at no one in particular , as the rain came hard , and fast . Your socks were soaked , and your dark green tshirt clung to your tiny form . You started to cry , and you sat down on a near by bench .

" He doesnt love me . He'd have come after me if he loved me." You whispered harshly to yourself . You'd regretted walking out of the door the moment you walked out of it . You cradelled your head in your hands as sobs racked your body .

You were almost numb by the time you realised the silent warmth that enveloped you , and immediatley , the smell of your boyfriend hitting your nose instantly . You sat still as he pulled you close ,resting his face in your neck .
" Im sorry . I didnt mean to hurt your feelings . " He grunted , enhailing your scent .
" Im sorry for hogging the remote . " you whispered back , leaning into his large mass .
" Am i motherfuckin forgiven ?"
" Yes , your forgiven."

" Makeup sex ?"
Human!GHB x Reader ~request~
Oh jesus christ this is the third one today ! C: At a request of a new friend ~! here you go bae bae <3

As always ,

You (c) :icongrandhighbloodplz:

You , grandhighblood (c) :iconhussieplz:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
"Buuuttt nasshiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr~"
" Motherfuck ! I said no ! "
" Nashir . Please . Dont ignore me . NASHIR . DONT FUCKING IGNORE ME  !"
"...Why can't i braid your hair ? .....Fine . Ignore me then ."
You huffed from your position in his lap , crossing your arms and staring up at his tanned face as he "concentrated" on the TV . you twisted in his lap for a second , laying face toward the TV , his legs acting as a cushion . There was silence as you watched the boring as fuck cooking channel .
" Is this really all thats on ? Cbeebies isnt on ?"
" No , motherfuck . Its half seven at night . Do you really think Cbeebies is gonna be on ? " He grunted , casting his eyes down to your form . you puffed out your cheeks , and ignored his sarky comment .
" Aw come on (f/n) . Dont fucking ignore me . "
You let out a slow sigh , then snapped your fingers . You shot up from Nashir's lap , and into his kitchen . You looked through his cupboards , finding a bag of unopened (flavour) popcorn .You opened the fridge , and grabbed a can of pepsi for yourself , and a bottle of Redpop for him .

As you came back into the living room , he eyes the bag of popcorn suspiciously . " What the everloving fuck are you doing , (f/n) ?" . You simply laughed , tossing him the Redpop and put your Pepsi down on the coffee table . You crawled over to his DVD rack , and hunted for a decent movie . He settled into a laying position on the couch , as you inserted it into the DVD player , and pressed play . You settled back on the couch , and his arms wrapped around your waist . He nuzzled into the back of your head , and breathed .
" You motherfucking smell nice , (f/n)"
"Fucking creep , Nashir."
"Your creep though . "
" Yeah , my creep ."
Human!GHB x Reader ~Request~
On request :3 Here you go lovely . Is this fluffy enough for you ? :P
so , if you want a request , go onto my page , and read the journal i posted about it ~
As always ,
you(c) :icongrandhighbloodplz:
you , Grandhighblood :iconhussieplz:
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
The music pumped to your very core as you stood outside the club . Tugging at your jacket sleeves nervously , you waited for Terezi to show up .It was the teal bloods birthday , and as such , you had invited her out for a drink , or eight . Your (h/c) Hair cascaded off of your shoulders , your dark mascara giving a foxy eye effect on your (e/c) orbs . Suddenly , you heard a large cackle , very familiar to the officer you came to know as your moirail . you spun , and gasped in awe . Her red orbs were outlined with dark black eyeliner . Her short red strapless dressed hugged her curves , and a black leather jacket hung off of her frame , giving the added effect of a bad girl , not that her black heels didnt give that impression . She brought you up into a hug , and laughed again " You smell ravishing ! " she teased , bringing you out of her embrace . You shoved the gift you had been holding into her hands . " Happy bir- uh , i mean , wriggling day , Terra ." You cooed softly , using the nickname you had for her . She wripped open the white paper , and gasped , as she sniffed the massive pack of multi coloured chalk . Tears stung her eyes . " Thankyou , (f/n) , for this FANTABULOUS GIFT ! " she shrieked again . You winced a little . " Oh my godddd ~ Karkat needs to hurry up ! " she tapped her foot . " Oh , Is karkat comming too ? " You inquired innocently . You didnt want to be stuck at a table alone whilst they grinded all over eachother on the dance floor . " And Gamzee , dont worry , i thought ahead for you ! Maybe you'll get lucky ! " She snorted , and you slapped , a wave of red crashing against your cheeks .
Last year , you'd had a little to many to drink at Terezi's hive , and confessed to her you were flushed heavily for Gamzee . It had been going on for around three years before you'd even mentioned it to her , so you'd been slowly gaining his trust for five years . You huffed slightly at the memory . " You know im too shy to Terra . " Your booted knees knocked together . You wore black, high-heeled boots , fish net stockings , and a tight , purple dress , and a black leather jacket . Terezi smirked at you , before sniffing lightly , and her red iris' lit up . " KARKAAATTTT ! " She called , waving her arms around ,gaining attraction to which you responded by covering your face .The short troll groaned , which you smiled inwardly at . He tugged the tall capricious troll after him , and your heart literallly stopped. He wore skinny jeans , and a dark purple hoodie .His face was free from any make up , and his eyes . Oh god , his eyes were fucking beautiful . They glittered an intense purple , light flecks of lilac specced his orbs . Karkat shocked you out of your trance when he snapped his fingers in your face . " Nookwiff , what the fuck is up with you !? "He snapped , in his own ......"caring" way . He wore skinny jeans too , but instead of the purple hoodie and purple converse , he wore a grey hoodie , and black converse . you giggled nervously . " Nothing ! i just , uh . Zoned out for a second . " Terezi cackled and dragged you to Gamzee . " Look after her Gamzee . If even the slightest hair on her arm is morally wronged , i will find a way to slam your highblood ass in jail ." she said politely ,  wavering a second , before hurrying off to find Karkat .  He chuckled deeply , that brought your heart hammering against your ribcage . " Hey there , lil mama . " he purred , in a stoner drawl . You blushed as he wrapped his arms around you in a hug . He released you , and eyed your figure shamelessly . "your fuckin beautiful , lil mama . Shall we commence in highblood snobbiness ?" He snorted , in a posh accent . " Im not a highblood gam'" You giggled at his intentions . " Ah , But thats the best part ! if i bite you , we shall become one of the same motherfuckin' species ! " He laughed a little , baring his fangs over the top of his ...... So very kissable lips . You pouted lightly as he led you inside . " Have you been watching Count Dracula again ?" he laughed , and shrugged . " Do you wanna drink ,sexy ?" he said loudly over the music , and your blushed deeper than thought possible . You caught his gaze and nodded . Whilst he abandonned you to go get a drink , an older male knocked into you , looked down at you , and smirked . He placed his hands on your hips . " Hey , sexy ~ Whats a girl like you doing on your own ~?" he purred into your ear ,and you paled , trying to push the intoxicated man away . " Im not ! My ....My boyfriends getting me a drink ! " You lied , hoping to god , or whatever mirthful messiah that was out there , that they would shine upon you with good luck . Alas , it receeded you . " Aw , come on babe , we both know that he doesnt have to know . " His breath smelled disgusting . Gamzee came back , drink in his hands . at intitial glance , his feelings spun out of control . But , as he stared longer , he realised that you were pushing at the strangers chest , trying to get away .
" HEY ! Lil mama , what the fuck has he done ? "He growled venomously , putting the drinks on the side , and stalking towards you , pulling you close to his form . " Aw , babe , is this your boyfriend you were talking about ? " He teased , and the tall makara tensed a little , his grip on your shoulders tightened . " Yeah , im her motherfucking matesprit . Now fuck off , before i rip your fucking head off . "
" Gamzee , no . " you muttered . The intoxicated mans eyes widened , he trembled .
" Your boyfriend is g-g-gamzee ......G-gamzee Ma-mak-makara ? " He stuttered . Gamzees eyes turned hard , and he narrowed them into slits . " Damn fucking right , and if you dont clear of , thats the only thing you'll be able to say after ive broken your jaw . " He hissed . Although he was high right now , he still gave the appearance of someone , who was very , very , out of controll . The man stumbled back , and took off out of the club . The mood immediatley lightened , as gamzee lead you over to the table to sit down . he was pouting furiously ,muttering under his breath to himself . From your side of the table , you placed a hand on his balled fist . " Hey , gam . Thankyou for protecting me out there . " you whispered , your angelic face bearing a soft , beautiful smile . His grey skin tinted purple . " motherfuckin' problem lil mama . " He muttered sheepishly , his balled fist untucking slightly , as he slipped your soft palm in his . Your blush intensified , and you looked across past his shoulder , and groaned softly . He tipped his head in confusion , and you just simply pointed past his shoulder , and he turned , and groaned too . Terezi and Karkat were grinding senslessly , her legs around his waist , her tongue licking at his horn .
" damn , thats fucking gross . " Gamzee chuckled as you hummed in agreement .
You smiled , and then smirked inwardly . You faultered for a second , and he seemed to notice you twitch . " What the fuck is up , lil mama ? " He asked , and you grinned . " do you wanna go dance ?" Your question seemed innocent enough , so he shrugged , and you both drank your drinks quickly .you headed to the dance floor , and began dancing , you giggling at Gamzee , as he danced absurdly . A slow , bassy song filled the floor , and you sighed a little , backing up into gamzee , and his immediate reaction was to put his hands on your hips , and push his hips against the back of yours . You rocked your hips against his pelvis , and his hot breath tickled your ear as he purred quietly .
" oh , lil mamma , that feels miraculous . " he muttered , kissing your neck , trailing butterfly kisses from your jaw bone to your collar , nipping every couple of kisses . You moaned quietly , giving a rough grind . he spun you around , gripping your ass as he pushed your hips together , a large palm trailing down to your inner thigh .
" Lil mama , do you want us to continue this motherfuckin else where ? "
Gamzee X reader -Sexy clown
Hnggg . Im not sure if i should continue this into a lemon or not ? maybe , maybe not .

So , as always , tell me how you think i did , and if i should continue ! or , you know , whatever

You :icongamzeeplz:
you , Gamzee , Terezi , Karkat :iconhussieplz:

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Ive decided to start doing fanfiction requests !
Fanfiction requests include

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1 POINTS =X Readers
2 POINTS =Cannon characters x Fancharacters / trolls
( if this is the case , then please note me the character you wish your fancharacter to be paired with , and their bio / profile)
4 POINTS = Original Stories ( A story that revolves around a certain character or character you have created , that revolves around a world which you yourself created )
5 POINTS = Fandom X Reader ( A Fandom x reader with multiple endings ! such as Homestuck X reader , or , MLP X reader ...ect...)

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